Angel Dental Forest Hill would never have come up as well as it did, without the imaginative, well thought out design and documentation done by Justin. This is the second project where I’ve worked with Justin, and I love his stable approach, and ability to exceed expectations. We are eternally grateful, and hope to have more projects on the cards soon. - Tristan Garratt


My business (Legwork Painting and Decorating) painted the newly opened Angel Dental surgery in Forest Hill. Justin's design is truly inspiring. His clever use of curves, and indirect lighting, combine to create a uniquely soothing and attractive environment. - Stephen Andrewartha


Thank you Justin for your help & ideas re our project. Really appreciate your prompt reply & exceptionally fast delivery of your professional designs. We look forward to getting our little cafe/coffee window up & running soon. Thanks! - Bern Lamberg


Very smart designs that look fabulous - John Foote